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Club Urania

Cambridge's premier performance and music night for LGBTQ+ people and their friends. Founded as a creative space for the arty queer crowd, its sell-out shows have hosted the best and bizarrest of queer performance and live art including Figs in Wigs, Harold Offeh, Pink Suits, Wet Mess, Lewis G Burton, and many more.

20221112_001026 (1).jpg

Pictured: DJ Lewis G Burton, hosts Diarmuid Hester and Celia Willoughby, movement artist Duane Nasis, drag artist Cabbage the Clown, aerialist Zaki Musa. Photography by Dani Oliver.


Club Urania is a collaboration between Diarmuid Hester, Ruth Dorber, Ema Boswood, Celia Willoughby, Roeland Van Der Heiden, and Rosie Cooper in partnership with Cambridge Junction and Wysing Arts Centre.

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