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Prick Up Your Ears

Immersive audio with personality created by Diarmuid Hester.

Prick Up Your Ears podcasts and audio trails uncover histories hidden in the world around us. Drawing on in-depth research and expertise in writing and broadcasting, overlooked details are woven into poignant narratives of place. 

Previous projects include


A Great Recorded History, commissioned by the University of Cambridge Diversity Fund. A free audio tour of Cambridge that uses literary excerpts and interviews with older queer people to shed a new light on the city’s LGBTQ past. Features work by Ali Smith, Stephen Fry, and Kwame Anthony Appiah.


Against Our Vanishing, commissioned by Climate Art. A free audio tour of Rye exploring the rich queer cultural history of this popular seaside resort within the context of the climate crisis. Features figures such as Henry James, Radclyffe Hall, and EF Benson.


Into that World Inverted, commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Impact Fund. A free six-episode podcast series that takes the listener on a road trip through the south-east of England, through spaces and places that have been central to LGBTQ life and culture.


To find out more visit the Prick Up Your Ears website

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